High Porosity Recs

If you're curly hair and have high porosity hair, you need a lot of nourishment. Often high porosity hair is:

  • Previously chemically processed
  • Constantly dry
  • Looks dull

The advantage over low porosity hair is there are so many great products out there that it's hard to just recommend a few, so instead of recommending lines, I'm recommending types of products. For best results you'll want one of each:

  • Cowash
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Nourishing styler
  • Lock in styler

Cleansing Conditioner/Cowash

If you have high porosity hair you will want to use the gentlest type of cleansing, which is a cleansing conditioner, AKA a "cowash"

Deep Conditioner

Once a week or more you'll want to follow your cowash with a deep conditioner to help your hair retain moisture.

Nourishing Styler

A nourshing styler helps further nourish your hair. Most of these are classified as milks, creams, or leave ins.

Lock in styler

Lock in stylers help your curls/waves hold and also to lock in moisture.

1: Verelle sent me some of their products to try
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