Normal Porosity Products

If you're curly girl and have normal porosity hair, your hair should be pretty easy to care for.

Chose products that both cleanse lightly and nourish. Use co-wash most days and then use a light sulfate free shampoo (AKA a low-poo) once a week to make sure your hair is balanced. Use styling products that are lightly moisturizing and provide a good hold. The following products are enough for most people:

  • Low-Poo
  • Cowash/Cleaning Conditioner
  • Nourishing styler
  • Lock in styler

Cleansing Conditioner/Cowash

This is the gentlest type of cleansing, which is a cleansing conditioner, AKA a "cowash." You can use this for most of your washes to keep your hair healthy and full of life:

Low Poo

Normal porosity hair can usually benefit from some more deep cleansing to balance it out. Use a low-poo once a week to get your hair clean and refreshed:

Nourishing Styler

A nourshing styler helps further nourish your hair. Most of these are classified as milks, creams, or leave ins.

Lock in styler

Lock in stylers help your curls/waves hold and also to lock in moisture.

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