How Curlsbot Works/FAQ

1. How do I send Curlsbot lists of ingredients?

Curlsbot used to be a Chatbot on FB but now it is here on this site. Put your ingredients in the box here and get instant results.

2. What list do you use?

Click here to see our complete list.

3. Why does Curlsbot give me the wrong results?

Curlsbot is not perfect, Curlsbot will give the wrong results if ingredients are misspelled. I recommend you find a list from the manufacturer's or a store website rather than typing the list out yourself. Occasionally these lists also have misspellings. Message me if you see something wrong so I can fix it.

4. Why can't Curlsbot read my list?

Curlsbot can only read comma seperated lists like "ingredient 1, ingredient 2, ingredient 3." It cannot read lists like "ingredient 1/ingredient 2/ ingredient 3" or those seperated by line breaks. There are some tools online that can fix the list for you or you can do it yourself.

5. Can you tell me if this picture is Curly Girl approved?

Curlsbot cannot read pictures. If you send them to me I also cannot read them because it's not accurate to just have one person look at a bottle and often the picture is blurry. I recommend you find a list from the manufacturer's or a store website OR post the picture on one of the curly girl groups listed in our resources page.

6. What does it mean if it says "Caution"?

We recommend you do your own research since many experts disagree on some ingredients. You can find helpful advice on many CG groups listed on our resources page.

7.Can Curlsbot read other languages besides English?

Curlsbot currently only supports English language lists. We recommend finding a group for your language online and posting your product there. I have listed some groups on the resources page.

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